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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I accompany my child to class for the first few days?

A1. The playgroup and pre-nursery children will start off with shorter timing for the  first few days of school. Parents are allowed to wait within the school’s premises but not in the classroom . This is not to disrupt the class activities and
distract the other children.

Q2. Must my child be toilet-trained?

A2. Your child does not have to be toilet to start school. The teachers will work closely with you to help your child in the process of toilet training once your child has settled nicely in school.

Q3. Does the centre offer Hanyu Pinyin?

A3. Yes we do and at DKP we start preparing the children with Hanyu Pinyi programme in Kindergarten level, 5 years old.

Q4. How are the parents informed of the child’s progress in school?

A4. DKP will conduct Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) twice yearly, March and September. On top of this, a progress report would be given to parents at the end of every semester, June and December.

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