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OEL (Holdings) Limited has extensively researched and developed this societal benefiting book on social-emotional development since young, written and recommended by early childhood education experts and world-renowned psychologists.

This book is one of the only few children's psychological and emotional books in the world, with theoretical basis from Dr. Gail E, Joseph (Professor for University of Washington) on "Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Young Children", and the “Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework" from US Department of Health & Human Services.

According to the Children’s Mental Health Department of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC"), 1 out of every 6 children in the United States of America have a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder, and those without a diagnosis often receive medication treatment without accompanying psychosocial intervention. This is why OEL and its subsidiary ESO Health Child Care ("ESO") strongly advocates the importance Social-Emotional Development for children since young, for them to develop into confident and resilient individuals.

OEL has also formed a partnership with Yale-New Haven Hospital Day Care Centre (“YNH”), an affiliate to Yale University Medicine, that will see the sharing of social-emotional related resources and tools from YNH. Senior early childhood educator Dr. Lynn from Yale has also guided part of the book's development, and the partnership will see both preschools using the textbook in social-emotional learning activities. ESO believes that for children to shine daily, they need day-to-day support from parents, teachers and society, and this book to meet the needs of children’s social and emotional education, by filling the gaps in the early childhood education resources. The book is available in both digital and hardcopy versions, has since been published, distributed and sold all over the world.

Expert Recommendations From All Over The World

Parents Love The Book

This textbook teaches important goals and guidelines to help toddlers succeed in their developmental tasks of social-emotional competence.

Prof. Susanne A. Denham

University Professor Emerita, George Mason University, USA

I have never thought about the significance of social-emotional development until I came across this website and found this book. I am now really inspired to see the development of my child, especially when he learns how to express his emotion properly, instead of throwing tantrums or sulking most of the time.

Nicholas Lim

Operations Manager, father of 1

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