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Social & Emotional Development

Our Ethos

Our desire is for every child to experience a joyful childhood.


Research reveals that a startling 18% of young adults in Singapore grapple with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety (Evlanola, 2019). This is co-related to the manner in which they learn how to cope with their complex range of emotions in their formative years in early education.

Happy Minds, Healthy Minds

At eso, we pay close attention to a child’s psychological development, especially in the areas of social and emotional growth

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Every child deserves a chance to succeed in life

  • We believe strongly in the importance of equipping children with the necessary skills to become confident and resilient individuals.  

  • Our curriculum is evaluated by an esteemed panel of early childhood education experts, and every child’s progress is assessed and communicated with parents on a timely basis. 

  • Parents and educators alike are invested in the process and work collaboratively to support healthy development.

  • A smaller teacher to student ratio (1:6) also ensures that every child’s needs are closely monitored. 

  • Social and Emotional Development relates to children’s awareness of their personal identity and ability to:

  • Manage their own emotions and behaviours

  • Show respect for diversity

  • Communicate, interact and build relationships with others

  • Take responsibility for their actions

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What the Parents Think

Thank you very much for the beautiful concert you organized for the children last week. We were impressed with the events, choreography by the teachers and the level of organization involved. I am sure it must have been tough, but congratulations on the successful completion. We would also like to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication from the staff. We are so happy that our children are with your school, and we believe that they are in great hands. Enjoy the ice cream! – I think you all must be sick of cake 🙂

Audrey Chew, Parent of Scott Huang

ESO Spotlight


A Societal Benefiting Social-Emotional Development Textbook for Toddlers

A new textbook by OEL (Holdings) Limited, together with its subsidiary ESO Health Child Care has surpassed the traditional education model by prioritising social-emotional development to cultivate a child’s self-confidence and resilience, help them to adapt to societal pressure, and enhance their Intelligence, Emotional and Adversity Quotient.

A Societal Benefiting Textbook Has Launched. Learn More

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