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Discovery Kidz Preschool Is A Healthy Preschool!

We are pleased to announce that our subsidiary, Discovery Kidz Preschool (DKP) is accredited as a Healthy Preschool by National Health Promotion Board (HPB)

This means that DKP has fulfilled 3 of the following criteria:

  1. Supportive Environment

  2. Targeted Intervention

  3. Capacity Building

This accreditation is especially meaningful as ESO together with its subsidiary DKP has always believed in the importance of holistic wellness education in early childhood education.

Good habits and health practices have to be developed when a child is still young, as this will influence and shape the child's mental physical, psychological and behavioral health going into adulthood.

With the above 3 pointers, here are some examples of DKP's efforts in further detail:

  1. Providing optimal nutrition for every meal

  2. Encouraging active participation in learning

  3. Encouraging active participation in activities

  4. Engaging parents with health-related activities and knowledge

  5. Developing social-emotional skills in toddlers

  6. Training and upgrading of teachers to integrate health activities

These efforts will ensure that day-to-day support from Teachers, Parents and Society are provided to each child for them to shine daily. The goal is to ultimately transform each child into resilient individuals, with the main focus on developing Adversity Quotient (AQ) together with IQ and EQ.

We are also constantly enhancing our current curriculums by collaborating with childhood education experts and partnering up with one early childhood education in the United States. Each child is an undiscovered gem and they deserve only the best and the latest education practices.

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