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4 Tips To Build Your Child’s Confidence

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Confidence - Just like Rome, confidence cannot be constructed in a day. It is a long-term investment for your child.

It is common for mums and dads to feel at a loss regarding the way to construct a child’s self-confidence, and it is now no longer simply self-belief too, all of us need our children to develop into satisfied and independent individuals. Hence, here are 4 tips to help boost your child’s confidence

Commend your child

Your child did a great activity? Praise them! It will make them happy with their accomplishments. One thing to remember is that you should praise them for their efforts instead of the results, which has a greater significance and motivating factor for your child. Saying things like “I see a lot of effort there” will teach him/her the importance of the process, instead of looking for shortcuts.

Encourage them to take the lead and display initiative

It is important for us to be encouraging when they are displaying initiative. It is not necessary for them to know how to do it perfectly. We need to let them experiment with different ideas and express themselves freely while writing a story. They’ll start to experience responsibility, learning how to get a task properly done, and eventually developing a self-belief that they can overcome any task. Tasks may be as easy as making their beds or cleaning their rooms. Show them that you respect their efforts by gradually 'raising' their responsibilities to a higher level, like letting them support you in choosing the theme for dinner or planning the next day’s activities.

Let them explore new talents

Studies have shown that children who explore new passions outperform those who stick to one thing. Give them lots of possibilities by enrolling them for music lessons, arts & crafts classes, or maybe new sports. By allowing children to explore new passions, they are more likely to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Turn errors into high-quality learning

Having a resilient mindset is critical in today’s society. One thing parents frequently do is punish kids for setbacks. We want to keep in mind that kids are nevertheless younger and being punished for something they cannot control could have them feeling unhappy or losing confidence. Always remind your toddler that failure isn’t the end, and they need to discover ways to prevent a similar scenario. There is always a learning lesson from each setback, mistake, etc., so motivate your child to get back up on their feet whenever a setback happens.

Once your child begins to discover themselves and their confidence, responsibility, and self-believe, he/she will grow into a resilient individual. Communicate regularly with your child, take the position of cheerleader to spur them on in life.

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