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Singapore's First Preschool Focus On Social and Emotional Development

We were conceived with a clear objective in mind, to provide a different type of preschool education in Singapore. One which introduce advanced international preschool education concepts, with special  emphasis on the cultivation of children's social and emotional ability, improve  self-confidence, prevent depression and anxiety from an early age.


Our lessons are constantly being refined under the guidance of American educational experts to promote the physical, psychological and behavior health of each child.Your child will be well prepared for later schooling and life in the care of our dedicated, trained and professional staff,meanwhile,we will teach your children how to manage their emotions and help them build the courage to overcome difficulties, which is crucial for their future growth.   

Kids in Preschool
Boy Playing with Abacus
Girl Coloring
Three Girls
Preschool Class

Nursery One

Kindergarten Two

The ESO Difference

Focus on Social & Emotional Development 

We are the first preschool in Singapore which focus on social and emotional development of children with the psychological,  physical and behavioural  health of each child.

Hands-On Learning

Our unique curriculum is filled with experiential learning so that your child can learn and explore in a fun, enriching and engaging environment.

Excellent Bilingual Programme

Your child will be exposed to English and Mandarin from Playgroup through songs, stories and cultural learning experiences.

ESO Spotlight


A Societal Benefiting Social-Emotional Development Textbook for Toddlers

A new textbook by OEL (Holdings) Limited, together with its subsidiary ESO Health Child Care has surpassed the traditional education model by prioritising social-emotional development to cultivate a child’s self-confidence and resilience, help them to adapt to societal pressure, and enhance their Intelligence, Emotional and Adversity Quotient.

About ESO Preschool

We are the first preschool that focus on social and emotional development in Singapore. We believe strongly in the importance of equipping children with the necessary skills to become confident and resilient individuals. Together with our ECDA certified teachers, our preschools in Singapore will help your child establish the awareness of their personal identity and ability to:

  • Manage their own emotions and behaviours

  • Show respect for diversity.

  • Communicate, interact and build relationships with others

  • Take responsibility for their actions

A Societal Benefiting Textbook Has Launched. Learn More

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